Ever Tried Baked Mac And Cheese?

Mac and CheeseMac and cheese is phenomenal, and it’s no secret that we all enjoy indulging in the cheesy comfort food. To help put a twist on a traditional dish, we’ve taken a more in-depth look at a homemade baked mac and cheese recipe! Keep reading to learn more about how to make this tasty dish, and take some time sometime soon to whip it up for your family and friends. We know they will be impressed.

Loved By Everyone

Let’s face it – macaroni and cheese is basically a type of pasta. However, the base of macaroni can be mixed with a wide variety of different cheeses, allowing for so many different options. If you’re a real deal cheese lover, you’ve probably already experimented with different flavors. However, we’re not sure you’ve ever tried anything like this recipe before, so buckle in for a new experience.

Important Tips

The following is a list of helpful tips to remember when cooking your very own baked mac and cheese:

  • Be sure to use block cheese and shred it yourself. This is preferable over pre-shredded cheese. Don’t forget to cook your pasta about one minute shy of perfect. This will help the pasta continue to cook with the homemade cheese sauce once it’s in the oven.
  • You can choose your own pasta, any will work. First, you’ll want to whisk together the butter and flour until golden. Then, whisk in cold milk to prevent the flour from clumping together. You’ll need to cook this until you see bubbles on the surface. Once done, you can begin to add the cheese.

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Cheeses to Consider

As mentioned earlier, there are several cheeses to consider. Sharp cheddar is always a great choice, but you might want to mix things up a bit by adding mozzarella, pepper jack cheese, Swiss cheese, American, or Velveeta, just to name a few. The baked mac and cheese requires you to use 6 cups of cheese to give you an immense amount of flavor – which absolutely won’t go unnoticed. To make the baked mac and cheese, you can use breadcrumbs and paprika as the topping. Be sure to cook this for your friends the next time you’re together!

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