Board Games Perfect For Any Game Night

Family playing board game at home.

Family playing board game at home.

If you spend a lot of time with family and friends, you may notice that things can get boring after a while. After all, you always do the same things over and over again – isn’t it time to change things up and do something new? That’s why hosting a game night is so much fun. It gives you the chance to go on an adventure and try something challenging without leaving the comfort of your own home. And since all you have to buy is the game (and some snacks, of course), it’s also a cheap way to have a good time – without breaking the bank. Check out these board games that are perfect for just about any game night.


Can you think of a game-night classic that’s more iconic than Clue? Probably not! This action-packed game makes you think, and it will have you playing your hardest against your competitors. The great part is that it’s something the entire family can enjoy playing together – and isn’t that just what you’re looking for on game night?

Throw Throw Burrito

Have you ever sat playing a card game and wished you were playing dodge ball instead? Well, if that’s the case, then Throw Throw Burrito is definitely the game for you. Yes, it involves throwing stuffed burritos at each other, which is just as much fun as it sounds. Just a warning though: It’s almost guaranteed to get very silly, so make sure you prepare for that as you sit down to play.

Exploding Kittens

Don’t worry, this game isn’t as violent as it sounds – but it is a lot of fun! You’ll have to work together to ensure you don’t get kitten cards, which could totally ruin your game. This is a great option if you’re playing with younger kids. They should be able to pick up on the game rules without a problem so that everyone can have a good time.

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Patron saint of game nights everywhere, Yahtzee has to be on the list. Can you think of anything more exciting to play with your closest family and friends? Most people love this game, some people hate it, but one thing is for sure: You’ll want it at your game night if you’re serious about having a good time.

Game night is all about having fun, getting a little competitive, and spending time with the people you love most. Get one of these games, and get ready for a fantastic time.

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