Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like A Pro This Year

Little child girl is decorating Christmas tree with red ornaments.

Decorating your Christmas tree is easier said than done. It can definitely be a hassle if you let it, but we have some great tips that will ensure you have a wonderful time setting up your tree this year.  Take a look to see how you can decorate your tree like a pro.

Find The Best Tree

Investing in a durable, high-quality tree will save you the hassle of having to get a new tree every year. A sturdy traditional tree would be a great investment. Traditional trees won’t go out out of style as popular LED trees will. Traditional is always the best way to go for your main Christmas tree.

Fluff Every Branch

Fluffing the branches on your trees takes time to do, but it is so worth it. Separating each branch and fluffing them will add shape to your tree and fill in any gaps.

Pick A Theme

Deciding on a theme before you set up your Christmas tree will make your life so much easier. Once you pick a theme you can then go shopping for all the ornaments, lights, and color garland you will need.

Lights First

Lights are the best thing about a Christmas tree. Putting on your lights is the first thing you should do once your tree is up. For every 2 feet of the tree, you will need 100 bulbs. If you have a 6-foot tree that means you would need 300 bulbs. This will ensure your tree is well lit throughout the branches.

Stay On Theme

Choose accent pieces that will go with your theme. Whether it is ribbons, small trinkets, or garland make sure they will complement the theme you chose for your tree.

Ornament Groups

Clustering your ornaments will add visual appeal to your tree. Depending on how tall your tree is will determine how many ornaments you will need. For example, you will need 80 ornaments for a 7.5-foot tree. Always hang larger ornaments and decorations in the center of the tree and hang smaller ones towards the end of your branches.

A Ribbon Here, A Ribbon There…

…a little ribbon everywhere! Ribbons look good on every tree. Add ribbons of different textures and widths to add a beautiful arrangement to your tree.

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Tree Picks

Branches, twigs, berries, and even pinecone will look so great on your tree. They will accent your tree and add to the holiday spirit.

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