DIY Holiday Cards To Drop In The Mail

Family crafting Christmas cardsSpread holiday cheer to your loved ones with these DIY holiday card projects. Your family and friends will appreciate that you’ve stayed connected, plus, it’s a great way to encourage your spouse and kids to work together on a cool and creative holiday craft project! We found some inspiration from Good Housekeeping, so we put together this list of our favorite DIY holiday card projects. 

Paper Wreath Card

Wondering what to do with those scrap pieces of wrapping paper and unused holiday cardstock? Reuse and repurpose. Here’s an idea, gather all the remnants from your Christmas’ past wrapping sessions and create a holiday wreath card.

First, cut the paper into circles using this circle cutter. Next, use the larger circle cutter to create the base of the wreath. Then, you’re ready to cut out the seven large, seven medium, and four small circles using the corresponding punches from the cutter kit. For an extra touch of creativity, cut three snowflake shapes out of glitter paper and add it to your wreath as an accent. Glue the seven larger rings around the base first, in between those glue the seven medium circles, then add the four smaller rings on the inside or outside area of the wreath. Accent your wreath with the glitter snowflakes. Lastly, attach the finished wreath to a holiday card using your glue gun. 

Doily Christmas Tree Card

Show off your creative skills to your family and friends with this homemade Christmas card fashioned from doily paper. The first step, visit your local dollar store and head over to the craft supplies aisle. Pick the color combinations to match your personal preference. Purchase a package(s) with at least three different sized doilies. For each section, fold your doily in half, and then fold again. Open the doily and leave with a single fold, cut along the lines. Once the cuts are made you will have four double-sided doilies to work with. Repeat this step with each of the three sizes of doilies. Grab a holiday card envelope, on the outside cover, glue the doilies on top of one another, slightly overlapping the previous. 

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