Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back In Concert


The long-running Star Wars saga recently came to its theatrical conclusion, but you can relive one of the series’ greatest films at Powell Hall this month. The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra will perform the score from The Empire Strikes Back live with the movie on the big screen, so come experience this classic like never before!

When and Where

The orchestra will perform the music of Empire at Powell Hall on January 23 through 26. The music will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday, and at 3 p.m. on Sunday. You can find tickets for this concert on the orchestra’s website. The address for Powell Hall is 718 N Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63103.

The Empire Strikes Back

The original Star Wars trilogy’s dark second act saw the return of composer John Williams, who captured the atmosphere and emotion of the far away escapades like no one else could. The film’s score is instantly recognizable, from the triumphant main theme to the iconic “Imperial March.” The sinister military march is now synonymous with the villain Darth Vader, and a few notes from the track are all it takes to suggest his imposing influence even when he’s not on screen.

The Star Wars universe is filled with exotic locales, and each environment in The Empire Strikes Back comes with its own mood-setting music. The swamps and caves of Yoda’s home resonate with murky tones, and the wispy skyline of Cloud City is accented by a romantic melody.

The intense action sequences benefit from frenetic pieces like “The Battle of Hoth” and “The Asteroid Field,” while warm character moments are handled with care. We’re introduced to a soft-spoken love theme when Han and Leia first escape, and the motif returns with fervor when Han is captured.

Williams is a master of motifs, and the music perfectly embodies the personality of each character. Yoda’s theme imparts a sense of magic and wonder as he performs a seemingly impossible feat, and Luke’s theme evokes his old mentor and the mysterious ways of the Force.

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