Freshen Up Your Space For Zoom Meetings

Businesswoman meets with colleagues during virtual staff meeting

Businesswoman meets with colleagues during virtual staff meeting

We are spending so much time on Zoom now. Maybe a few months ago you put a lot of effort into making your space look perfect to show off to your coworkers and friends. It’s okay if you have relaxed on tidying up before a video chat, but we’ve pulled some tips to help freshen up for space for your next Zoom meeting.

Let There Be Light

No one likes sitting on a video chat with the person on the screen as just a dark blob. Video chats are a way for us to be with loved ones and friends in a time when social distancing is a must. Achieve great lighting by sitting in front of a window, add a few lamps or a ring light, or go with the professional three-point method. Put a light on either side of your camera and one off-camera behind you.

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Decorate Your Space

You don’t have to go out and buy new décor for your Zoom calls. You can shop at your house. Sit 3 to 6 feet away from the wall or background behind you. This gives depth to the space you are in. Tidy up the area a little bit and find items around your home like memorabilia you love, art, flowers, or plants. Add these items to your space to show your personality. Choose items that are textured instead of patterned items. Have some items be taller than others.

You don’t have to have an eye for interior design to have an impressive video chat space. With proper lighting and a decluttered space, you can look professional on camera at all times. Take a look at your space, make some adjustments where needed, and set up your camera slightly above eye level and you are ready to chat!

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