Have An At-Home Pizza Party With La Pizza

New York Meatball Slice Pizza

Do you want to take a break from cooking? Order carryout and enjoy some tasty pizza at home. La Pizza makes their dough and sauce daily, so you can expect fresh pies when you order here. If you want to enjoy some of the best pizza in the St. Louis area, you really can’t beat La Pizza.

New York-style Pizza on The Loop

Most people agree that La Pizza is the best place to get New York-style pizza in St. Louis. La Pizza co-owner, Paul Bishop, lived in Queens, and during that time, he developed quite a passion for pizza. His love for New York-style pie is apparent in the pizza he serves at his eatery. The giant slices are thin, so you can fold them when eating if you want to chow down like a true New Yorker. Folded or open, the pizza is delicious. Best of all, you don’t have to go all the way to New York to get it. Just head over to The Loop for a taste of New York.

What Should You Get?

Everything on the menu is divine, but it’s tough to beat the sausage. La Pizza shaves the sausage, so it’s thinly sliced. The thinly sliced sausage is more flavorful than what you’ll get if you order a sausage pizza from another place. Add some mushrooms, and you’re in for quite the pizza party.

Are you interested in more than pizza? If so, you absolutely need to get the Stromboli. Fresh and full of ingredients, La Pizza might have the best Stromboli in St. Louis. They’ll even make the Stromboli to your specifications if you want. For instance, if you want to go easy on the cheese, just let them know.

Order Early

Placing an order early in the day is the key to having a pizza party courtesy of La Pizza. The restaurant is popular, and the dough is handmade each day. When you add those two things together, it’s easy to see how La Pizza ends up running out of pizza before closing time. If you wait too long, you might have to come back the next day. Then, you’ll spend your entire night wishing you were eating a delicious slice from La Pizza.

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Pick Up Your Pie

If you’ve never gone to La Pizza before, you might expect to call and place an order for delivery. However, this is a small, locally-owned pizzeria. It’s not a large chain that offers delivery. Delivery was a service they offered in the past,  but they weren’t able to keep up with the demand. Fortunately, it’s conveniently located on the Delmar Loop, so you can just run in, grab your pies, and head back home.

Start planning your family pizza party by going over the menu. After, you can place your order and pick up your pizzas tonight. After you eat the pizza from La Pizza, you might never order from another pizzeria again. It really is that good.

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