Stay Covered With Honda’s Warranty Options

A red 2020 Honda Ridgeline on a city street.

A red 2020 Honda Ridgeline on a city street.

Though none of us like to imagine the worst happening with our vehicles, it’s good to know that in the event that the worst happens, you’re covered with Honda’s exceptional extended warranty, Honda Care. Let’s take a closer look at Honda Care to understand who it’s for, what it covers, and why you should get it for your Honda vehicle.

What Is Honda Care?

Honda Care is Honda’s extended vehicle warranty that’s a step above the manufacturer’s standard three year/36,000 mile warranty. It continues to provide coverage should something go wrong with your vehicle after the first three years of ownership.

Who Is Honda Care For?

Honda Care is great for drivers of Honda cars that are approaching the end of their standard three year/36,000 mile warranty. It’s important to note that you have to add Honda Care extended coverage before your original warranty expires, so be sure to stay on top of those dates and mileages.

What Is Covered?

There are several coverage plans for Honda Care, including New Vehicle Coverage, Pre-Owned Vehicle Coverage, Certified Additional Coverage, and Powertrain Coverage for pre-owned vehicles. When you opt for one or more of these plans, you’ll receive coverage on factory-fault defects that may occur in your Honda car. All of the plans cover components like the computer and electrical systems, chassis, heating, air conditioning, infotainment parts (audio, navigation, security, etc.), and some plans also cover routine maintenance like oil changes.

More Perks

You can also receive 24-hour roadside assistance and towing services, Concierge Service, and coverage for meals and lodging if your Honda has issues while you’re on a trip 100 miles or greater from home. In addition to towing, the roadside assistance program offers services like jump starts, lock-out assistance, tire changes, and fuel delivery.

Expert Repairs

If your vehicle experiences an issue that falls under the warranty, you can have it covered and fixed under the warranty by bringing it to a Honda-authorized dealership service center, like ours at Honda of Frontenac, for repair. Your car will be worked on by technicians who are trained to work on Hondas like yours, and you’ll get a repair with genuine Honda parts.

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Contact Us Today

If you have additional questions about Honda Care, or would like to enroll your Honda vehicle, contact us today at Honda of Frontenac. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and walk you through the enrollment process so that you can enroll today for greater peace of mind tomorrow.

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