Brighten Up With These Florists


With the holidays in the rearview and weeks of winter still to come, this is a great time to invite a hint of springtime into your home. Consider treating yourself to a floral reminder that chilly days and bitter nights won’t last forever. At one of the trusted local florists near St. Louis, you can choose among a delightful assortment of fresh bouquets and arrangements just right for brightening up your surroundings – and your mood.

Make a Floral Statement

There are many ways to get your floral fix no matter what time of year. One of the easiest is to turn to one of the area’s best florists and browse their selection of living masterpieces. Consider an expertly designed bouquet featuring warm colors, fresh greenery, and vivid blossoms. Or choose a special centerpiece of bright blooms nestled in a pretty basket or pot. You might even decide to freshen up your living space with lush green plants, from potted palms to peace lilies to bromeliads – maybe even a bold and healthy ficus tree. No matter what you select, you’ll find plenty of options and a beautiful selection at a local florist near you.

Florists Near St. Louis

When you’re looking to make a statement with flowers, greenery, or both, you’ll want to trust in expert florists. Quality, freshness, and variety all go into the equation that makes for exceptional floral artistry. Here are some of the best businesses in town for living reminders of springtime.

  • Walter Knoll Florist – There are several nearby locations of this popular flower shop and delivery service. Check out their offerings online or visit one of the stores in and around St. Louis.
  • Lesher’s Flowers – This family-owned and operated florist is located at 4617 Hampton Avenue in St. Louis. It boasts the promising slogan, “They’re fresher from Lesher.”
  • Southern Floral – Located at 7400 Michigan Avenue in St. Louis, this shop specializes in expertly designed arrangements and free delivery for local online orders.

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