Order Online From Valenti’s Market And Catering

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Do you want to enjoy a restaurant-caliber meal from the comfort of home? That’s easy to do when you order online from Valenti’s Market and Catering. You can order one of the pre-made weekly meals or the deli’s signature sandwiches. The market also offers weekly specials, steaks, and so much more. Whether you want the market to prepare the food for you or you want to pick something up and make it at home, Valenti’s Market and Catering has you covered.

The menu is robust, so you might not know what to get. Check out some of the top options from Valenti’s Market and Catering. If you add these to your order, you’re sure to love your meal.

Love Subs? Try Valenti’s Special

If you visit Valenti’s Market and Catering in person, the staff will likely recommend Valenti’s Special. This cold sub is a customer favorite and a great introduction to the popular meat market. It’s on a fresh asiago roll with Italian meats and several mouth-watering ingredients. A list of ingredients doesn’t do the sandwich justice, so you have to inspect it with a bite to understand why it’s such a hit.

Pork Steaks

Chowing down on delicious pork steaks is a top St. Louis pastime. The pork steaks at Valenti’s are a cut above the rest in the area. These pork steaks have perfect marbling, and the meat is so tender that it falls off the bone. If you’re searching for the perfect pork steak, order it online from Valenti’s Market and Catering. You will not be disappointed.

Beef Steaks

The beef steaks are also in a league of their own. All the cuts are divine, but the filets stand out for their flavor and the price. You’ll have a hard time finding steaks of the same quality for such a low price anywhere but Valenti’s. You’re getting a great value here, making it easy to eat steak every night if you want. Consider getting one of the steak pack specials, as these freezer packs allow you to buy in bulk. You can get a freezer pack with steaks, chicken, ribs, and more. Then, pop them in the freezer and bring them out when you’re ready for a tasty meal.

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Don’t Forget the Sides

People usually talk about the entrees at Valenti’s Market and Catering, but the sides deserve recognition as well. Undoubtedly, Valenti’s has a full range of sides that you’re sure to love. The chicken salad, anti-pasta salad, and potato salad all stand out. As with the entrees, everything is well-seasoned and prepared to perfection.

Valenti’s Market and Catering has so many delicious to-go items that it’s hard to list them all. These menu items will get you started but browse the other offerings as well. You’re sure to find your new favorite food at Valenti’s Market and Catering.

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