Spooky Halloween Foods For Kids

Scary sausage mummies in dough with funny eyes on table. Funny decoration. Halloween food

Halloween is upon us, and you know what that means! It’s time to load up on all the candy and treats you can find from your local grocery store. Instead of shopping for your spooky treats this year, get creative and have some fun in the kitchen. Halloween is the perfect time to let your creativity flow. Check out these dreadfully delicious Halloween foods that will give everyone a fright this year.

Mandarin Pumpkins

Give your kids an unexpected spooky treat when you pack their lunches with mandarin pumpkins. This fun food takes only seconds to create. Take a mandarin and a black permanent marker and draw your scariest face on the fruit. We promise you, your kids will get a kick out of it!

Bread Coffin

This will be a major hit wherever you decide to make it. All you need for this recipe is a Pullman loaf, dip to fill it up with, and of course a spooky plastic skeleton. Simply cut your loaf crosswise and use the piece you cut as the coffin lid. This spooky bread bowl with have everyone excited about Halloween!

Swamp Thing

Surprise your family and guests when you turn your spaghetti night into the spookiest meal of the year. Instead of using your normal spaghetti noodles, swap them out for squid ink spaghetti or black bean noodles. Add a small scoop of your sauce onto the noodles and add two pimento-stuffed olives as eyes. This recipe will be a hit.

Bone Breadsticks

Turn your average breadsticks into bone breadsticks with this easy recipe. Take your usual dough you would use for breadsticks and create a bone shape instead. Drizzle your marina sauce on the breadsticks and you’ll have the spookiest side you have ever seen.

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Bat Bites

Cheese balls are always a hit no matter the season. If you take a few more minutes from your usual cheese ball prep time, you’ll be able to make these cheesy bat bites with no problem. Shape your cheese ball with whatever cheese you prefer and roll it in black sesame or poppy seeds to make bat bodies. If you have corn chips, you can add those as wings. Of course you will need eyes. Minced peppers, carrots, or capers will work great. Not only is this recipe perfect for Halloween, but it is also delicious.

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