Easter Activities Your Toddler Will Love

Daughter dying Easter eggs with her mom

Easter is right around the corner. How are you going to celebrate? Well, if you have a little one, then you’ll want to make sure the day is as memorable as possible for them. Although, what exactly should you do to make the holiday as fun as possible? You can employ so many ideas to make sure your whole family has a blast on Easter. Take a look at some fun Easter activities you can do with your entire crew, even if you have younger ones coming along for the ride.

Dye Some Eggs

When you think of the most popular Easter activities you do every year, what comes to mind first? If your family is like a lot of others out there, all of you enjoy dyeing Easter eggs. With your help, your toddler can successfully dye some eggs whatever color they want. This activity can get a bit messy, though, so be sure that there’s plenty of adult supervision. The beautiful and brightly colored eggs will get you in the holiday spirit!

Do an Easter Egg Hunt

Of course, another iconic activity that you should make time for on Easter is an Easter egg hunt. Can you think of anything more exciting for your little one? If you want to make it a lot of fun, hide the eggs while they’re asleep. In the morning, they can wake up and find all the eggs lying around the house. Adding little toys or surprises to some of the eggs can make it even more exciting for your toddler!

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Make Some Easy Muffins

You may think that it’s too early to start teaching your child how to cook if they’re a toddler, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your little one can start helping out in the kitchen even at a young age. Making some simple muffins is a great way to cook together with your little ones. If you have flour, eggs, butter, and bananas, you can whip up a super easy muffin recipe in a pinch. Of course, making the muffins is a fun process in itself, but it gets even better when you let your child decorate those muffins. You’ll both have a blast while you make a sweet treat that you can both enjoy.

These ideas are sure to fill Easter with fun for your family and your little one!

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