6 Delicious Waffle Recipes

Flat lay of yummy homemade Belgian waffle topping with dark chocolate syrup, cocoa powder and chocolate chips, served with whipped cream in brown color plate. Delicacy and stylish cuisine.

Breakfast food can get old. You just need to spice it up every now and then! Try one of these creative waffle recipes to make weekend brunch or even weekday breakfasts even better!

Hash Brown Waffles

Hash browns get taken to the next level in this recipe, where they’re cooked in a waffle iron. Try mixing in different, spices, cheeses, onions, or garlic for endless flavor combinations!

Yeasted Waffles

One of the best parts of waffles is how light and fluffy they are, and this recipe is the epitome of light and fluffy. The yeast leavens the batter, adding an airiness that you can’t achieve without yeast.

Chocolate Cheesecake Dessert Waffles

Who said waffles were just for breakfast? This decadent recipe combines chocolate waffles, a rich cheesecake mousse, and fresh berries for a unique dessert.

Fried Chicken And Waffles

This chicken and waffles recipe tops the whole delicious stack off with gravy instead of maple syrup, pushing the flavor firmly into savory in this classic “sweet and salty” dish.

Nutella Breakfast Waffle “Nachos”

Mini waffles + Nutella drizzle + fresh fruit + granola = the breakfast of our dreams. Even better, this tasty treat comes together in just five minutes!

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How To Get Crispy Waffles

If you prefer your waffles to be crispy on the outside and light on inside, use these tips for crispy, crunchy waffle perfection.

  • Make sure the iron is hot. Be sure to let it preheat for at least five minutes before adding batter. You can test if it’s ready by flicking a drop of water onto the iron’s surface – if it sizzles, the iron is hot enough.
  • Swap half of the buttermilk for plain milk. While buttermilk gives it a rich flavor, replacing half of the buttermilk in a recipe with plain milk gives you a light, fluffy texture inside.
  • Bake the finished waffles in the oven. It might sound crazy, but it helps draw even more steam and moisture out of the waffle, leaving it perfectly fluffy and crispy. Preheat the oven to 250F and place a wire cooling rack inside of a baking sheet. As the waffles finish in the iron, transfer them to the sheet in the oven for an additional 5-10 minutes.

Which of these delicious recipes will you try first?

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