Must See Waterfalls In Saint Louis

A small waterfall on a sunny day

You don’t have to travel to some far-off locale to see gorgeous waterfalls, because Saint Louis is home to several beautiful cascades!

Citygarden Waterfall

In the heart of downtown Saint Louis, the Citygarden opens from a network of tall towers and busy streets into an airy space filled with interactive art. Walkways lead you by gardens and fountains, along with this six-foot waterfall pouring into a 180-foot long pond.

Dripping Springs Waterfall

Dripping Springs is part of the Creve Coeur Lake Park, a picturesque landscape with more than five miles of walking trials, as well as athletic facilities and picnic spots. The lake and waterfall are associated with a local lover’s leap tale, and the French name “Creve Coeur” translates into “Broken Heart.”

Cascades (Flegel) Falls

These falls were designed as a recreation of the World’s Fair Cascades that temporarily graced Art Hill. Installed in Forest Park in 1937, the falls have become a popular spot for photo ops for any occasion, from engagements to graduations.

Missouri Botanical Garden Waterfall

The Missouri Botanical Gardens abound with natural beauty, and the oldest continually operating botanical garden in the country is home to more than eye-catching foliage. You’ll see more than 4,800 trees across 79 acres of green space, and the waterfall serves as a scenic centerpiece as you explore the verdant gardens.

Kiener Plaza Waterfall

If you’re downtown, you might catch the waterfall in Keiner Plaza sporting a vibrant if unexpected color. The water might flow in different hues throughout the year to commemorate specific holidays or events, falling from the top of the feature into a large pool with a fountain. The Plaza was named after dynamic athlete Harry J. Kiener, who made his mark on the running track, boxing ring, and other arenas.

Falls at the Zoo

Whenever you visit the St. Louis Zoo, you’ll encounter multiple cascades across the facilities. Several habitats include water features to simulate the environments that their residents are familiar with, and you might catch them wading in the ripples. At the zoo’s south entrance, you’ll also see streams flowing over a bold rock ledge.

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